The Huxley Morton Podcast

Series 2 Ep 8- Scott Stout- CEO, Co-Founder at MedVector- accelerating the world of Clinical trials through Innovation.

February 26, 2021

This week we hear from Scott Stout Co-founder and CEO of MedVector a company that is streamlining the Clinical trial Industry.

Providing pharmaceutical & Biotech companies, CRO’s and research institutes a global patient network, which enables them to quickly identify clinical trial candidates, exponentially improving time to market.

Not to be confused with a CRO or patient recruitment company Scott and his team are using a telemedicine network to allow their research clients to connect with trial participants from anywhere in the world.

MedVector is certainly a company to watch so make sure you tune in to hear Scott’s story and hear more about their innovative new technology.

To find out more about the MedVector service please see the links below.

MedVector Explainer Video (3min)

MedVector Virtual Pitch (8 min)

MedVector Investment Link - 

You can also connect with Scott on LinkedIn-


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